Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Curate With Me?

A. Curate With Me is a fun and rewarding collaboration to help everyone make better purchase decisions. We harness the collective intelligence of all users to organize and curate the world's products and services so everyone can easily find what's best for them.


Q. How does it work?

A. We screen and invite trusted experts such as food critics, tech journalists, top bloggers, product reviewers, etc to contribute recommendations to various collaborative lists. Everyone can upvote the things they like so the most popular items rise to the top of each list. Anyone can then search or browse the continuously updated lists to help them find what's right for them.


Q. Why Curate With Me?

A. Not long ago, we were limited by what we could find in our local stores. Today, almost everything is just one tap away but the choices are overwhelming! This paradox of choice will only get worse as online choices continue to grow. Moreover, the web is overrun with advertising and more and more fake reviews. The web giants are harvesting vast amounts of our personal data to sell ads.

We think there's a better way.

"Genuinely awesome products shouldn't need any paid advertising."

- No marketer ever said

Word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising that companies can't buy.

Curate With Me lets trusted experts collaborate to curate only genuinely good products. Some are more familiar with gadgets while others may be more knowledgeable about food. Curate With Me lets everyone work together so we’re all smarter! We do not collect any personal information, and we do not track users when they leave our website.

Our mission is to organize and curate the best products so anyone can search and discover them on any device. Importantly, we believe we can personalize everyone's product discovery and shopping experience without intruding on anyone's privacy.


Q. What are the differences between a Member and a Curator?

A. Curators are trusted experts who can create lists and post recommendations to anyone's lists.

  • Members cannot create lists or add items to lists. However, you can still upvote items, save items and leave comments. Everyone can follow lists and/or curators.

  • While anyone can join as a member, curators are personally invited to join the service by an existing curator. We do not allow marketers, merchants or retailers to become curators.

  • Finally, curators can earn Karma points and they have public user profiles so users can follow them; members do not have public profiles.

Q. Why can't anyone join as a curator?

A. Only curators are allowed to add items to lists or create new lists. Curators should be knowledgeable, unbiased and trustworthy product experts who are willing to curate the products they know well.

We require all curators to be personally invited by another curator in order to keep marketers, spammers, promoters and shills off the service.


Q. Why do I have to sign up with Facebook, Twitter or Google?

A. This is more secure than creating yet another log in credential. It's also more convenient for you (and us) because you won't need to remember yet another password (and we don't need to encrypt and store them for you).

Social logins (and PayPal) use a proven technology called OAuth for secure access to third party services. We cannot see your password when you log in with Facebook, Twitter or Google, and we do NOT store your passwords either. This makes logging into Curate With Me as safe as logging into your favorite social accounts.

We only need your name, email address and your home city. We respect your privacy so we never post anything on your behalf, and we do not share any data about you with the providers.


Q. How does one become a curator?

A. Curators are knowledgeable, unbiased and trustworthy experts. All curators must be personally invited by existing curators to join as a curator.

You can request an invitation to become a curator after signing up as a member. However, we regret that not everyone will be invited. The best way to get an invitation is to request one from a curator who knows you well.


Q. Who are the Founding Curators?

A. Founding Curators are the honorary curators who were specially invited to be the first group of curators on the service. Many of them are well-known in their domain of expertise, and everyone is recognized for their knowledge and unbiased recommendations in Food & Drink, Beauty & Fashion or Technology.

As with all curators on the platform, Founding Curators are not stockholders, employees or affiliates of the company. However, Founding Curators have certain privileges over other curators, for example, they are always featured on the top Curators page, and we may seek their advice from time to time when we add new features to the service.


Q. Who can add items to a list?

A. To ensure the best experience for everyone, only curators are allowed to add items to lists. Curators can also hide offensive items or merge duplicate items in lists they have created.

Anyone can report offensive items or duplicate items in a list. Simply click on the ellipsis icon in the item cards to see more options.

Q. I'm a curator. How do I add items to a list?

A. To add to a list, go to the list details page and click on the Add an item button. You will need 4 things: A good photo, the item's given name, a short description and a link.

To avoid duplicate items, please review the list before adding an item. If the item is already in the list, please upvote it instead.

For Curators Only: How To Add A Rec To A List (Click To Enlarge)


Q. I'm a curator. What should I add to a list?

A. Every list is different so make sure you read the list's notes and only add things that are relevant to each list. Each list is a contextual selection of the best items, not a directory listing of everything out there. If you are unsure if you would recommend the item you have in mind within the context of the list, please don't add it to the list.

When in doubt, do nothing.


Q. Can I use affiliated links for items I add to lists?

A. Yes, we welcome affiliate links. We recognize that affiliate commissions may be a significant source of income for some curators to sustain their work.

While we acknowledge the potential conflicts of interest when curators are compensated for their recommendations, we also note that shoppers have a choice of whether they want to support the curator through his/her affiliate links.

Hence, we urge curators to be authentic in their recommendations so they will earn and keep the community's trust. If the trust was compromised in any way, then the curator's ability to monetize those affiliate links may be permanently impaired.

"Trust is hard to earn but easy to lose."

For this reason, we strongly discourage curators from accepting any payments or inducements of any kind to promote a product on Curate With Me. We have no opinion (and no control) over sponsored posts on other platforms. If you make a sponsored post, it must be disclosed prominently at all times - it's the law. We reserve the right to remove sponsored posts in order to protect consumers from the influence of marketers. If your post was removed, you will lose Karma points (see below) and your reputation within the community will be diminished. 


Q. I'm a curator. Can I delete an item?

A. Items can be hidden, but not deleted. This allows the item to be restored, if necessary.


Q. I'm a curator. How can I hide an item?

A. Only the list's creator (and the site administrators) can hide items in his/her lists. If you created a list, you will see a Hide button on every item in your list. Simply click it and provide a reason for hiding it. If you don't see the hide button when you are logged in, that means you do not have the rights to hide items in that list.

Warning: When you hide an item, the curator who added the item will be penalized. See Karma below.


Q. I'm a curator. When should I hide an item?

A. In general, you should hide items only if they are offensive or blatantly irrelevant (e.g. a laptop in a list for smartphones).  You should not hide items for any other reason.

Remember, only curators can add items to lists. Since all curators are personally invited by another curator to join the service (i.e. they were endorsed by another curator), spammy posts are rare.

Moreover, upvotes help the best items rise to the top of each list, and people cannot vote on something that was removed from the list! To ensure that other curators will continue to contribute to your lists, you need to strike the right balance between encouraging contributions and removing items.

If in doubt, do nothing.


Q. When should I upvote something?

A. Everyone with a registered account can upvote items in a list. You should upvote something if you like it, especially if you would also recommend it within the context of the list.

Voting is also a great way to thank the curator for contributing the item to the list by rewarding him/her with Karma points! If you change your mind later, you can retract the vote.

Pro tip: Things change (e.g. a restaurant might change owners) and your tastes might change too. In order to keep lists fresh and up-to-date, your upvotes expire (e.g. after 365 days for an annual list; 30 days for a monthly list) so you can upvote it again. You can upvote the same item once a week for weekly lists, once a month for monthly lists and once a year for annual lists.


Q. Why can't I downvote something?

A. Upvotes push the best things up the list while lower quality items will be buried further down the list so there's really no need to downvote anything. For inappropriate items, please report accordingly.




Q. How do I create a new list?

A. Only curators can create new lists. Before you create a new list, please use the search bar at the top to see if similar lists already exist.

To create a new list, go to the Explore page and click on the Create List button for the category. You will need a good cover photo, a great title (up to 80 characters) and concise list notes (up to 500 characters) to let curators and shoppers know what will be in your new list.

You will also need to decide if the list should be refreshed weekly, monthly or once a year to keep the list fresh. Once your list is posted, the refresh frequency cannot be changed.

For Curators Only: How to Create A New List (Click To Enlarge)


Q. Should my list be refreshed weekly, monthly or yearly?

A. It depends! Once a list is created, it lives on forever (unless it is removed by its creator or the site's administrators) so users can follow it and curators can continuously post new items to the list.

To ensure that the lists stay fresh, upvotes "decay" over time - this allows older items to fade and more current items to rise to the top. Hence, a weekly list will surface new items more frequently than a monthly list, which will turn over more frequently than an annual list.

You should choose a refresh frequency so that most of the top items in your list will be different from one period to another. For example, most of the top items in NYC's Best Cheap Eats For Under $30 will change only about once a year so it makes sense that it is an annual list. But The Best New Restaurants in NYC would likely change every few months so it is better as a monthly list.

Once your list is posted, the refresh frequency cannot be changed.


Q. What types of lists can I create?

A. Our community loves awesome products, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc. The best lists are evergreen lists that have broad appeal, lots of contributors/items/followers/upvotes, and are updated regularly to help everyone quickly find the things they are looking for.

Please avoid making duplicate lists, negative lists or 'listicles' - these are not helpful.

Before you create a new list, please use the search bar at the top to see if a similar one already exists. Duplicate lists fracture the community, and make it harder for shoppers to find whatever they are looking for. We may merge similar lists from time to time to keep everything organized in the best interests of the whole community.


Q. Can I edit a list?

A. Yes, you can edit a list that you created. Log in, go to your profile and click on My Lists to find the list you had created. Hover your mouse cursor over the image of the list and click Edit to make changes to the list title, cover photo, and list guidelines. If your list already has a lot of followers, make sure you don't change the list too significantly.

Note that the refresh frequency of a list cannot be changed after it is posted.


Q. How do I delete a list?

A. In most cases, there is no need to delete lists. If you would like to delete a list you have created, email us at If the list is inactive, we will delete it. If the list is very active, however, we may re-assign the list to another curator(s) for continuity.





Q. How do I invite someone to be a curator?

A. Only curators can invite others to become curators. Go to your profile and click on Invite Curators. Enter the email address you want to send the invitation, and he/she will receive a unique link to join as a curator. You will automatically follow each other.


Q. Can I retract an invitation to be a curator?

A. Invitations cannot be retracted.





Q. What is Karma?

A. Karma is the goodwill you earn for helping people find or discover something they love. It is also a measure of your reputation and standing in our community. Only curators can earn Karma, and the top curators are recognized in the top Curators section. Spammers will lose Karma and their curator privileges will be suspended when their Karma falls to zero.


Q. Can Karma be redeemed for cash or other rewards?

A. No, this goes against the spirit of the community. Helping everyone find or discover things they will love should come from the heart.

However, we welcome affiliate links if they are used responsibly.


Q. How does one earn Karma?

A. Karma is awarded by the community. You earn Karma whenever you do something that helps the community, e.g. create a list that a lot of people follow or when users upvote or save something you have contributed to any list. In short, whenever you curate something awesome, your Karma will go up!

Spammers get penalized and may be suspended. This helps to keep our community safe.


Q. How is Karma calculated?

A. All curators start with 100 Karma points. You earn Karma every time someone follows a list you created, or when they upvote/save something you added to any list (not just your own list).


For each new curator you sign up, you will receive +50 Karma point bonus.

Creating/Building Lists

+10 points for each user who follows a list you have created.

+2 points when an item in your list is upvoted (including items added by other curators).

Adding Items to Lists

+5 points for each item you add to someone else's list. (No points are awarded when you add items to your own list; This is to encourage collaboration)

+10 points every time your item gets upvoted.

+2 points when your item is saved by a user.

Penalties (suspended during the preview period)

-50 points if a list you created was removed due to inappropriate content.

-20 points if an item you added to a list was removed due to inappropriate content.

Your curator privileges will be suspended if you allow your Karma to fall to zero.


More questions?

Email us at We’d love to hear from you!