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How we feel when we find something we love!

How we feel when we find something we love!


Hi there, Mark and Lisa here. We're busy New Yorkers with an OCD for turning almost every purchase decision into a research project!

We hate to settle, and we've always had a voracious appetite for information that might be helpful in our quest for the best products - places to eat, awesome gadgets, where to stay when we travel, the best sales, etc. We'd routinely spend several hours each week googling, browsing the web, reading reviews, flipping through magazines, etc in order to optimize our decisions. Sometimes, we'd spend an hour on the couch just to decide what movie we should watch...🤷

An hour to decide on a movie? Prof McGonagall does not approve...

An hour to decide on a movie? Prof McGonagall does not approve...

When we became parents, we had even more things we needed to buy, but no time and no energy left to be discerning. So we started settling, just like everyone else.

We're blessed to be living in New York, with the promise of infinite choice at our fingertips. We knew there are places with more delicious or healthier meals, better/cheaper/more delightful products for our needs, more interesting books to read, more meaningful activities to do, more satisfying TV/movies to watch etc, but we simply had no cognitive energy left to go find them.

We love Google and Amazon, but they actually made things worse! They overwhelm us with tons of products and information, and leave it to us to decide by trial and error.

Shellacked by too many products, too much information and too many ads.

Shellacked by too many products, too much information and too many ads.

Is 3.5 stars with 50 reviews better than 4.0 stars and 20 reviews? Are the reviews real? Are the reviewers knowledgeable? Are they like me? Who knows.


"The only opinion that matters is yours."


We agree! So we tried dozens of social discovery apps out there that promised to help you discover things you'd love - Foursquare, Yelp, Pinterest, Fancy, Goodreads, LoveThis, Taste, etc. Nothing really worked for us.

We figured we had to fix this ourselves, so we got back to doing what we knew best - collecting information, reading voraciously (white papers on recommendation systems, Q&A on Quora, interviews with founders, app reviews), chatting with experts, and gathering whatever data we could on how we could all make better purchase decisions without having everyone spend hours upon hours of research to come to a great decision.

Six years later, Curate With Me was born.

Our dream is to build a global network for trusted experts to share contextualized recommendations on where to eat, what to buy, what to do, where to go, what to wear and much, much more!

The best recommendations come from people we trust - journalists, product experts, pro bloggers, YouTubers, friends, family and neighbors, etc. Recommendations must be contextualized, e.g. the best laptop for work would likely not be the best laptop for gamers (unless your job is to play games!). Also, they should be personalized, e.g. we're BFFs but a dress you love might not look good on me.

Curate With Me aggregates recommendations from people we trust. They are organized into contextual lists so you can easily find lists that resonate with you. Express your preferences with upvotes so we can learn what you like, and we'll surface things you might also like - no reviews required!

With millions of products out there, there is simply far too much choice for any one individual to explore on his/her own! Some of us are more knowledgeable about tech, while others are more informed about food & drink, beauty & fashion, books, etc. And everyone has their own preferences! Together, we can apply our collective intelligence and taste preferences to help everyone find what's right for them.

The bigger our community, the smarter we'd all be and the more likely we'll find people we'd trust for recommendations we'd love!

We hope you'll join us. Thanks for reading!


Mark Chin & Lisa Mak


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"Let's build a community where everyone helps each other find the things they'd love."