Awesome Lists. By People You Trust.

Awesome Lists.

By People You Trust.

Get personalized recommendations for dining, shopping, tech and more.

Let the experts you trust help find what’s best for you.

Previewing in June 2018



Curate With Me is Different

Thanks to smartphones, almost everything is just one tap away. Except for one problem:

There are millions of products to choose from.

Amazon alone carries nearly 600 million products. There are 150 million books in the world, nearly 100 million published songs, almost 2 million movies in IMDB and millions of apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. NYC has over 24,000 eateries - at one a day, it would take nearly 66 years to try them all!

With so much to choose from, how would one explore all the options to decide what's right for you? Nobody has the time to read the reviews, let alone spot the fake ones.


"Our mission is to curate the world’s products and services, and help everyone find what's right for them."


Curate With Me aggregates experts' recommendations into contextual lists so you can quickly see what's good. Follow curators you trust, or lists you like, to get updates on the things you care about. When you find something you'd recommend, upvote it to help others find it more easily.


Together, we can help each other make better purchase decisions.


"Alone we can do so little;

Together we can do so much."

Helen Keller


How It Works



Curators are the experts we trust

Curators are by invitation only.

Curators make lists and collaborate with each other to curate contextual lists of popular things we all shop for, such as restaurants, gadgets, beauty/fashion products, and more. Merchants, retailers and marketers need not apply! Curators are our advocates, and they are knowledgeable, unbiased and trustworthy.

To kick things off, we invited some of the most trusted journalists, bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers to be our founding curators. They include Pete Wells, restaurant critic for The New York Times; Emily Weiss, founder of beauty blog Into The Gloss; Marques Brownlee, creator of tech YouTube channel MKBHD, and many more.

Follow them, or ask them for an invitation to be a curator too!


Members have strength in numbers

Your votes matter. More than you think!

Anyone can join as a member - it's free! Follow lists or your favorite curators. Found something you like? Upvote it or save it for later.

Members do not have public profiles, and cannot create lists or add items to lists. But your upvotes are more powerful than you think!

Your upvotes tell us what you like, and they help the most popular recommendations rise to the top of each list! Over time, we can surface things you might also like without any user reviews - yay! After all, the only opinion that matters is yours, so make sure you upvote only what you really like.


Karma is earned goodwill

It's also a measure of the curator's reputation.

Whenever you upvote or save a recommendation, you award the curator with Karma points. The more good recommendations a curator contributes, the higher his/her Karma!

We honor the top curators to let everyone know who they are. Follow your favorite curators and let them help you find what's right for you.


Let's Start With These Three Categories.

Food & Drink.jpg

Food & Drink: NYC

NYC is our home, so let's start here. You live to eat; we do too! Browse curated lists of the best places to nosh in New York. Follow restaurant critics, bloggers and elite Yelpers as they collaborate to curate the best restaurants, bars, cafes, food carts, and more in the city that never stops eating.

Beauty & Fashion.jpg

Beauty & Fashion

Clear out your closets and get ready because the new season is here! Discover exciting new styles, the best new products and where to find great bargains. Follow your favorite lifestyle editors, beauty+fashion bloggers and YouTubers or Instagrammers for their latest recommendations!



Admit it, there's a geek in each of us. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie or a Jonny Ive, we've got you covered. Follow the top tech reviewers and their lists for the best smartphones, laptops, TVs, cameras, apps, accessories and more to make sure you're getting the right gear for your needs.

Got An Invitation To Be a Curator?

Congratulations! Here are some reasons you should be a curator.



Help everyone make better purchase decisions.


You might not know it, but your expert product knowledge makes you a superhero to the rest of us! You know what to look for, and you have great instincts in picking great products from an ocean of product chaos. People trust you because you're authentic and awesome!

Use your superpowers to do good! Collaborate with other curators to amplify your impact on the world. Help everyone make better purchase decisions by sharing what you know.


Surface your recommendations when your followers are ready to purchase.

You write, blog or make videos about your latest reviews. Your followers love your content, but they aren't shopping when they're reading your blog or watching your video.

Curate With Me aggregates your recommendations in contextual lists alongside those of other experts like you, so shoppers can browse everyone's recommendations in one place. Collaborative lists are fun to browse, and they're incredibly helpful when your followers are ready to make a purchase.



Monetize your product knowledge, by helping people.

Curate With Me aggregates awesome product recommendations from experts that shoppers trust. We envision tens of thousands of experts curating contextual lists for millions of shoppers.

Get recognition for your awesome recommendations, and monetize your product knowledge through affiliate programs. Do good, get rewarded and make everyone proud of you. It doesn't get much better than that!


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