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Our Community

"We are a growing community dedicated to helping everyone find the best of everything."

Curate With Me is different.

We are a community of real people who help each other find the best of everything. Tech experts curating gadgets, foodies curating the best places to eat/drink, beauty mavens curating makeup & hair, etc.

Together, everyone benefits from the collective product knowledge of the whole community.

What Our Users Are Saying

Andrea J.

Andrea J.

I found the perfect laptop for me without reading a bunch of reviews! Thanks to the community of tech experts who helped curate the lists of best laptops!

Jennifer L.

Jennifer L.

I love to eat and curate places to eat in NYC. And the community has helped me discover a lot of places that I'd never have found by myself!

Greg H.

Greg H.

As an app developer and avid gamer, Curate With Me is a god-send. I use it to promote my apps and discover awesome new titles.

Marc S.

Marc S.

My tri buddies and I use Curate With Me to share ideas for gadgets and accessories for training and races. It's my trusted source for things I need!

Joanne S.

Joanne S.

I'm a bona fide foodie and I use Curate With Me to share and discover good eats with my girlfriends!


"Do good. And good will come to you."

Karma is for doing good.

When people upvote items that you've added to a list, you earn Karma points.
They're really saying
"Thank You".

Karma is one of the ways we acknowledge curators who made a difference.

Top Curators

"Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition."

Top Curators is the ultimate accolade to recognize the contributions made by people like you. People who help everyone find the best of everything.

Help us find more curators

Curate With Me aggregates the collective product knowledge of the whole community so everyone can make smarter choices. The more contributors we have, the smarter we all get, so please tell your friends about us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to curate the world's products and services and help everyone find the things they love.


What is Curate With Me?

Curate With Me is a fun way to share, find and discover the best in food & drink, products, apps & games and more. We are a growing community dedicated to helping each other find the things they love.

How does it work?

Curate With Me. Anyone can start a list for something they care about and everyone is encouraged to contribute to anyone's lists. Items that get the most upvotes rise to the top of each list.

Curate For Me. If you don't feel like starting a list, our staff would be happy to curate a list for you. Simply enter the keywords for what you're looking for into the search box, e.g. "Best laptops for under $500". If you don't see an existing list for what you're looking for, you can submit a request and we'll do our best to curate a list for you.

Why do I have to sign up with Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Signing up with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ helps us keep our community safe and respectful of each other. We respect your privacy and we never post anything without your permission.

Why Curate with Me?

Like most of you, my family shops online frequently but we often find ourselves spending a lot of time browsing and reading reviews on products, restaurants, things to do, apps, books, etc. We're simply overwhelmed by choice! User reviews are helpful, but sifting through them is a lot of work. And it wasn't easy to rank order the best options or save the things we like across different websites. Instead of looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack individually, we ought to be doing it collaboratively!

Curate With Me aggregates the collective product knowledge of the community so everyone makes smarter choices! We are not a review site and the community only posts things that people recommend. We organize things into "living" lists that are updated regularly by contributors and we sort everything by upvotes so you can quickly find the best of what you’re looking for.

Curating A List

Who can contribute to a list?

Anyone can add items to a list or upvote existing items in the list. Items with the most upvotes will rise to the top. Anyone can report offensive items or duplicates and the list creator has the power to hide offensive items or merge duplicates. You can also report offensive lists to us at and we will remove it.

How do I add an item to a list?

To add something to a list, sort the list by Newest and click on the "Add An Item" button. You will need to provide a good photo, the item's name, a short description and a link.

For Food & Drink items, we need a web link to either Yelp or Google Maps; for Apps & Games, we need a link to the Apple, Google Play or Microsoft app store, and for Products, please link to any web store where users can browse or buy the product.

What can I add to lists?

Every list is different so make sure you read the list's notes and only add things that are relevant to each list. In general, people add things they like to other users' lists. You can also read user reviews or do your own online research, then share your discoveries here by posting items to the appropriate lists.

For example, if you care about apps for young children, and you browsed the App Store, read reviews and found several fun apps for your kids, you can share them to a list like Fun & Educational Apps For Kids Under 5.

We have a strict no spam policy. Spammers will be reported and suspended.

When should I upvote something?

You should upvote something if you think the item should rank higher in the list. Voting is also a great way to thank the contributor by rewarding her with Karma points.

You can upvote the same item once every period, i.e. once a week for weekly lists, once a month for monthly lists and once a year for annual lists, so lists stay curated for each period.

Why can't I downvote something?

Upvotes push the best things up the list so there's really no need to downvote anything. For inappropriate items, please report as spam.


Can anyone create a new list?

Yes, anyone can be a curator! If you create a list, you'll be the curator for your list. Hide inappropriate items and comments, and merge duplicate items to keep your list clean and useful. Reach out to friends who can contribute to your list by sharing a link to your list. When you create a new list, you will be required to share your new list to a social network of your choice.

How do I create a new list?

Go to Explore/Newest and click on the "Create New List" button. You will need a good cover photo, a great title (up to 60 characters) and please provide some guidelines for what should be in your new list (up to 300 characters). You will also need to decide if the list should be refreshed weekly, monthly or once a year. Once your list is posted, the refresh frequency cannot be changed.

Should my list be refreshed weekly, monthly or yearly?

It depends! You should choose a refresh frequency so that most of the top items in your list will be different from one period to another. For example, most of the top items in "NYC's Best Eats For Under $30" will change only about once a year, but "The Best New Eateries in NYC" would likely change every few months so it's better as a monthly list. Once your list is posted, the refresh frequency cannot be changed.

What types of lists can I create?

Our community loves awesome products, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, apps, games, etc. The best lists are evergreen "living" lists that have broad appeal, have lots of contributors and are updated regularly to help our users find the things they are looking for.

Please avoid making duplicate lists, negative lists or listicles.

Can I edit a list?

Yes, you can edit a list you've created. Go to Explore/My Lists, find the list you’ve created and click EDIT. Note that the refresh frequency of a list cannot be changed once it is posted.

How do I delete a list?

In most cases, there is no need to delete lists but if you would like to delete a list you have created, email us at If the list is inactive, we will delete it.


What is Karma?

Karma is the goodwill you earn for your contributions. It is also a measure of your reputation and standing in our community.

How does one earn Karma?

Karma is awarded by the community. You earn Karma when people like a list you've created or when users upvote or save something you have contributed to any list. Do good and Karma will follow!

Spammers get penalized and will be suspended. This helps to keep our community safe.

Karma Scoring

All users start with 100 Karma points.

You earn Karma every time someone hearts a list you've created or upvotes/saves something you've added to a list.


For each friend who signs up via your unique referral link, both you and your friend(s) will receive a +100 Karma point bonus.

Creating/Building Lists

+20 points for each user who 'hearts' a list you've created. +2 points whenever an item in your list gets upvoted, including items added by other users.

Adding Items to Lists

+10 points every time your item gets upvoted. +2 points when your item is saved by another user.


-50 points if moderators remove a list you've created due to offensive or inappropriate content. -20 points if moderators remove an item you've added due to offensive or inappropriate content.

Your account will be automatically suspended if your Karma score reaches zero.

More questions?

Email us at We’d love to hear from you!