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Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to curate the world's products and services and help everyone find the things they love.

What is Curate with Me?

Curate With Me is a fun way to share, find and discover the best in food & drink, products, apps & games and more. We are a growing community dedicated to helping each other find the things they love.

How does it work?

Curate With Me. Anyone can start a list for something they care about and everyone is encouraged to contribute to anyone's lists. Items that get the most upvotes rise to the top of each list.

Curate For Me. If you don't feel like starting a list, our staff would be happy to curate a list for you. Simply enter the keywords for what you're looking for into the search box, e.g. "Best laptops for under $500". If you don't see an existing list for what you're looking for, you can submit a request and we'll do our best to curate a list for you.

How long does it take to curate for me?

We aim to curate a short list of 3-5 items that meet your request within 24 hours. At Curate With Me, we handpick only the best so less is more. If we can't fulfill your request within 24 hours, you will be notified via email, and we'll keep working on it for up to 7 days.

It's been several days since I submitted a request. What now?

We are a small team and we strive to scour the web to hand-pick the best items for your list. We are grateful to have the privilege of curating for you, but in the event that we can't fulfill your list within 7 days, you will be notified by email to re-submit your request. Thank you very much for your patience.

How do I get my curated list faster?

Popular requests will get filled faster. You can also speed things up by helping us find knowledgeable product experts who can contribute to your list! Simply share your unique link with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or via email. When they sign up, we will get them to contribute to your list. The more contributors we have, the broader and deeper our collective product knowledge so please tell your friends about us!

What can I request a list of?

At this time, we can only curate products, apps & games in the U.S. and food & drink in NYC. Over time, as our community grows, we will expand into other categories and cities.

Why do I have to sign up with Facebook, Twitter or Google+?

Signing up with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ helps us keep our community safe and respectful of each other. We respect your privacy and we never post anything without your permission.

Why Curate with Me?

Like most of you, my family shops online frequently but we often find ourselves spending a lot of time browsing and reading reviews on products, restaurants, things to do, apps, books, etc. We're simply overwhelmed by choice! User reviews are helpful, but sifting through them is a lot of work. And it wasn't easy to rank order the best options or save the things we like across different websites. Instead of looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack individually, we ought to be doing it collaboratively!

Curate With Me aggregates the collective product knowledge of the community so everyone makes smarter choices! We are not a review site and the community only posts things that people recommend. We organize things into "living" lists that are updated regularly by contributors and we sort everything by upvotes so you can quickly find the best of what you’re looking for.

More questions?

Email us at feedback@curatewith.me. We’d love to hear from you!